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About The Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce

Our Approach

The Central Vermont Chamber is committed to expanding private enterprise and consumer choice. It advocates limited government, lower taxes, and fewer mandates.

The Chamber promotes its membership and the local trade area to increase prosperity, support entrepreneurs, and grow employment. It works to bring visitors, residents, and employers to the region.

The Chamber believes the best approach to addressing challenges is to mobilize the region’s human and financial resources to implement private sector solutions.

Members make things happen.

Members make our businesses and community stronger.

We’re your guide to travel, recreation, entertainment, and quality of life in the region. Commercial and demographic information as well as financing programs and more. Skiing, snowmobiling, lodging and restaurants as well as points of interest, attractions and historic sites included. Compiled by the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation, and the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission and 200 advertising Web Partners.