Consider Central Vermont for Your Business

Does your vacation give you an opportunity to slow down a little-relax and enjoy a brief reunion with nature?

Wouldn’t it be nice to connect with nature, your community, and your own spirit of adventure for more than just a couple of weeks a year?

If you’ve visited Vermont before, you know that the rolling hills, clean air, and open countryside can invigorate, rejuvenate, and rehabilitate both body and soul.

Why not come more often? Better yet, why not enjoy Vermont all year long?

Central Vermont is a great place to start a business, a terrific place to raise a family, and the best place on earth to get away from the pressure of urban living without leaving civilization.

Isn’t it time you thought about making your next trip to Vermont permanent?

We can help.

Top Ten Reasons to make Vermont Home for Your Business…

1. Housing
You can commute to your job or work from home. Quality housing is half the cost found in most urban areas.

2. Schools
Small classes give your children the attention they deserve whether they are in elementary school or college.

3. Loans
Whether you need $30,000 for startup or $500,000 for machinery and equipment, there is a loan program to meet your needs. Other incentives and incentives are also available.

4. Safety
Isn’t it nice to know that your car will still be there even if you forget to lock the doors?

5. Communications
Across town, cross country, or around the globe, our telecommunications infrastructure will keep you in touch.

6. Human Scale
Central Vermont communities are built for people who know their neighbors and public officials.

7. Quality
Vermont has a national reputation for quality products.

8. Independence
One in ten Vermonters is self-employed or a small business owner/operator.

9. Government
If someone from the government offers to help, they usually do.

10. Year-Round Vacation
“Vermont” is just outside your door.