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Central Vermont’s Great Outdoors

Visit Central Vermont and enjoy the great outdoors. This site contains information on the cities of Montpelier, Barre, Northfield, and Waterbury, and a score of smaller Vermont communities as well as the Sugarbush Resort area. Enjoy your electronic visit, and please come in person sometime soon.

Art Galleries
Vermont is a thriving arts community with many art galleries. Vermonters pride themselves in being creative. Check out these galleries, and be amazed by the craftsmanship.

Auto Tours
Spring, summer or fall, you can enjoy some of the best scenery in Central Vermont without even leaving your automobile. If visiting during foliage, these tours are a “can’t miss” part of your stay.

Enjoy relaxing in the sun while laying on the beach. If you are lucky, you may even see a beaver or heron.

The quiet villages, rolling hills, and breathtaking scenery of Central Vermont could not have been better designed for the Vermont biking enthusiast. The Vermont bike tours cover a variety of terrain types including back road biking, paved bike trails, and mountainous climbs. Each of the nine Vermont biking tours has information about the terrain and roads, bike path highlights, and a step-by-step guide of the tour.

Canoeing & Kayaking
Enjoy canoeing or kayaking down one of Central Vermont’s rivers. Contact one of the guides to have a family trip no one will forget.

Central Vermont’s great outdoors lends itself to some of the most pristine camping conditions in the nation. Click the ‘camping’ link for names, locations and website links to local campgrounds.

Covered Bridges
Vermont has the greatest concentration of covered bridges in the United States – a total of 114 in this tiny state, many of which are still in use. Central Vermont has 14 covered bridges including a unique collection of bridges in Northfield.

Fall Foliage
Vermont is one of only a few places in the world that has just the right combination of climate, soils and tree species to produce the spectacular array of colors that is fall foliage.

Farmers’ Markets
If you want home grown vegetables and homemade crafts; like new or used items and antiques at bargain prices, you need to check out the area’s Farmers’ Markets. Each one is unique and full of bargains you don’t want to miss out on. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at one of Central Vermont’s Farmers’ Markets!

Glider Rides
See Vermont like never before. Take a scenic glider tour of the Mad River Valley.

You may not be Tiger Woods, but golf is a fun sport for the whole family. From beginner, par three golf courses, to competitive golf tournaments, there is a golf course for everyone.

Granite Quarries-Monuments
Barre has the largest granite quarries in the world. Visit the Rock of Ages granite quarries to see the spectacular site or visit the visitors center to learn about the history. If you’re a hands on type of person, try the cut-in-stone activity and carve your own souvenir.

Vermont is the Green Mountain State. Try to conquer Mt. Abraham, or take a quick run up Sunset Rock. The scene from the top of the mountains are breath-taking, especially during fall foliage. Best 2023 Trails in Montpelier

Historic Downtowns
Central Vermont’s cities and villages boast designs and architecture popular more than 100 years ago. A walk through the downtown areas provides insight into the early years of our nation’s history.
   Montpelier Walking Tour
Capitol Distric Tour - Montpelier Historical Society.

Horseback Riding
Horseback rides provide a view of Vermont’s beautiful Green Mountains that just can’t be matched! Stay for a weekend, or just go for a ride.

Hunting & Fishing
Vermont has more than 800,000 acres of public hunting areas. Four of Vermont’s most popular game include White-Tailed Deer, Black Bears, Wild Turkeys and Moose. Central Vermont offers a variety of warm-water and cold-water fishing opportunities. Sections of two of Vermont’s largest and most productive trout streams, the Lamoille and Winooski rivers, as well as the Waterbury and Green River reservoirs are found here in Central Vermont.

Central Vermont boasts some of the finest accomodations in the state. Whatever your travel plans, we have a place for you to stay near our many attractions!

The Vermont Historical Society is the only organization in Vermont that collects artifacts, books, and documents that reflect the entire history of the state, including every geographical area and every chronological period. We preserve the history that makes Vermont a special place to live, work, and visit.

Performing Arts
There is always something to do in Vermont. Enjoy watching plays by the Lost Nation Theater, listening to the Northeast Fiddlers Association, or the Vermont Philharmonic Orchestra.

If you’ve come to ski, you’ve come to the right place. The Sugarbush Ski Resort boasts two ski areas, Lincoln Peak and Mount Ellen. And then there’s the ski area that boasts “Ski it if you can.”

Sleigh Rides
Take a break from the intense winter sports or just enjoy the winter scenery while relaxing and go dashing through the snow on a sleigh ride that you won’t soon forget! Sit back and cuddle up under the blanket as the crisp evening air turns your cheeks rosy and your breath to the likes of fog.

One of the oldest snowmobiling organizations in the U.S., it is a non-profit association that today counts over 40,000 members. Vermont has over 6,000 miles of wintery trails for snow machining, skiing, and snowshoeing.

State House
The Vermont State House is one of the nation’s oldest and best preserved state capitols still in use. Its dome, that is real gold, can be seen from the high hill tops of Montpelier.