Covid-19 Vaccine Threshold Progress

On May 21, Governor Scott announced that when 80% of Vermont's eligible population (those 12 and older) have received at least one does of the COVID-19 vaccine, the state will move to the final step of the Vermont Forward plan, which means he will remove all remaining COVID-19 restrictions.

On June 14 we reached our goal of vaccinating 80% of eligible Vermonters. 


Vaccines make this possible: 

Vermont has substantially completed vaccination of its most at-risk residents, including those over the age of 65 and those with certain high-risk health conditions, as well as school employees, and workers in childcare, health care, long term care and public safety sectors.  As a result cases, hospitalizations and deaths significantly decreasing among the 65+ age group.

Milestones & Steps: 

Three steps lead to July 4, when the State expects to transition universal guidance mandates into recommendations. The timeline is subject to change, but given current vaccination uptake and supply projections, the State feels confident the milestones can be met.  

These steps take a phased approach to transition sector groups to “Universal Guidance.” Rather than complicated sector-specific guidance, universal guidance requires businesses and other organizations to operate within 6 key public health practices:  

  • Six-foot distancing required for all customers and employees 

  • Masks required for all customers and employees 

  • Minimize crowds 

  • Stay home when sick (educate customers and employees on this standard) 

  • Practice good hygiene (ensure easy access and regular use of handwashing, cleaning, etc.) 

Certain sectors will maintain their sector-specific guidance. Currently, this includes education (childcare, k-12, higher ed, summer camps), healthcare, ski areas and event venues/large gatherings 

Step 1; Effective April 9, 2021

Vaccine milestone: 89% of those 65+ vaccinated; 45started or completed vaccination 
Policy changes 

  • Group A sectors move to “Universal Guidance”  

  • Group A = Outdoor businesses; Outdoor rec businesses; Outdoor fitness; Low/No-Contact Professional Services; Farmer's Markets; Retail operations; Lodging (note restaurants and event spaces still operate under their sector guidance) 

  • Cross State Travel  Vermonters returning from out-of-state travel or visitors entering the state are required to obtain a negative test within 3 days of return/arrival. Quarantine is no longer required. Vaccinated individuals continue to travel with no restrictions.  

Step 2; Effective May 1, 2021
Vaccine milestone60% started
Policy Changes:

  • Group B sectors move to “Universal Guidance”  

  • Group B = Manufacturing; Restaurants; Religious facilities; Gyms/Fitness CentersOrganized sports; Hair Salons; Indoor arts and culture; meetings of public bodies 

  • Gatherings & Events – 

  • Indoor: 1  unvaccinated person per 100sf with maximum 150 (plus any unvaccinated) 

  • Outdoor: 300 maximum (plus any unvaccinated) 

Step 3; Effective June 1, 2021

Vaccine milestone85% started

  • Travel Policy – no quarantine or testing required 

  • Gatherings & Events – 

  • Indoor: 1 unvaccinated person per 50sf with maximum 300 (plus any unvaccinated) 

  • Outdoor: 900 maximum (plus any unvaccinated) 

Estimated: July 4, 2021

Vaccine milestoneAll Vermonters who want a vaccine will have the opportunity to be fully vaccinated 
Policy changes 

  • Business Operations – Universal guidance encouraged (not required) for all sectors 

  • Gatherings & Events – No capacity restrictions 

  • Masks & Distancing – Encouraged but not required 

    This information, and more, can be found on the State of Vermont's Office of the Governor website at