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Who We Are

The Central Vermont Community Land Trust, Inc. (CVCLT) was formed in 1987 as an affordable housing organization on the community land trust model (please visit the Institute for Community Economics for more information on the community land trust model).
We are a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Vermont. The mission of CVCLT is to create and preserve safe, decent and affordable housing and build strong and diverse communities. Our programs, including housing development, homebuyer education, lending and property management, serve communities in Washington, Orange, and Lamoille Counties. CVCLT's programs address substantial needs in our community, such as a shortage of affordable housing stock, housing "affordability gap" for low and moderate income residents, demand for special needs housing, inadequate private resources for home improvement loans, and economic barriers to families purchasing a home. Funding for our operations comes from public and private grants, charitable donations and program income.

What We Do

We operate three primary programs to achieve this mission.
1.) CVCLT has an active affordable housing development program to create rental housing, single-family homes, and ownership within mobile home parks.
2.) CVCLT operates a NeighborWorks® Homeownership Center to increase the rate of homeownership in central Vermont through the delivery of comprehensive services to homebuyers. The HomeOwnership Center also manages a Property Rehabilitation loan fund.
3.) CVCLT provides property management services for CVCLT-owned rental housing and mobile home parks, as well as for a small number of units developed by other entities

Our Community

Helping The Community

One of CVCLT's strengths is that the organization has maintained strong community involvement and support. CVCLT is a membership organization with approximately 400 members. Every CVCLT tenant and homeowner automatically becomes a CVCLT member; the membership elects representatives to the Board of Trustees.
CVCLT is governed by a 15-person Board of Trustees, all of whom live in our service area. CVCLT's bylaws require one-third of its Board members to be representative of and elected by the organization's "resident members" (i.e., tenants and homeowners residing in units located upon CVCLT land). One-third of the Board members are "general representatives," representative of - and elected by - the membership at-large. Finally, one-third of the Board members are "public representatives," nominated by the Board's other members and elected by the CVCLT's entire membership. This structure ensures that the Board is reflective of - and accountable to - both the residents of CVCLT's housing and the residents of its service area.

Special Recognition

Recipient of USDA Rural Development's "Vermont Partner of the Year" award for 2004

CVCLT was the recipient of USDA Rural Development's "Vermont Partner of the Year" award for 2004. The award was given in recognition of CVCLT's success in ensuring that residents of Washington, Orange and Lamoille Counties have the opportunity to become successful homeowners. In presenting the award at a ceremony in January, 2005, Rural Development's Vermont Director Jolinda LeClair said: "Your homebuyer education programs give potential homeowners the support and guidance needed to reach their dream of homeownership. Our close working relationship and the coordination of our financial resources make a real difference to the families in Central Vermont. Thank you for your partnership and continued support of USDA Rural Development's mission."

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