Hope Cemetery

Merchant St. Barre, Vermont

Granite Sculptures

Each year visitors from all over the world tour Hope cemetery in Barre, Vermont to see some of the finest examples of memorial design and granite craftsmanship ever produced.

Situated in the "Granite Capital of the World" Hope cemetery presents a rich and distinguished history of memorial art in stone, one of the oldest expressions of American Culture. For these reasons, Hope exerts a profound influence on the memorial art of other cemeteries throughout the country.

Hope cemetery was established in 1895 and originally contained 53 acres. Since that time it has expanded to a total of 65 acres. Edward P. Adams, a nationally known landscape architect, created the original plan for the cemetery. Each new section of grounds is the result of expert counsel and modern design. The careful planning and architectural standards of Hope reflect the most progressive principles in cemetery development.

Cemeteries are judged on their attractiveness to the community, their ease of maintenance and the opportunities they provide for families to memorialize and honor life. Hope Cemetery has achieved outstanding success in fulfilling these standards.

We hope your visit to our cemetery will be a rewarding experience and that you will obtain a better understanding of the importance of family memorials.

A Tale of Two Cemeteries
A very interesting piece of writing about Hope Cemetery and Elmwood cemetery in Barre giving descriptions on some of the monuments and insights into Barre History. A highly recommended read.

Hope Cemetery has a variety of memorial designs. Here is a representative group of memorials together with their locations in the Cemetery.

1. ORLANDI: Colonande monument with Greek Corinthian columns with hand-carved acanthus at top. 7. CORTI: Cut from a single piece of granite by the brother of the deceased. Outstanding hand carved life size figure. Notice the detail of the clothing, the tools of the granite trade. Background is shell rock finish. 15. YAEGER: Modern vertical memorial with stippled finish. The epitaph and lettering illustrate excellent design.
2. CHIARAVALLI: Sandblast carved acanthus, symbolizing Heavenly Gardens. Sandblasting completely through monument. 8. COMOLLI: Free-standing column with urn symbolizing Sorrow and Memory. Small Hand Angel at top. 16. VANETTI: A family mausoleum with eight crypts. The grill work on the door is granite. The roof stone weighs 23 tons.
3. ROSSO: Hand carved bas-relief sailing ship symbolizing salvation. 9. BIANCHI: Celtic cross symbolizing Christianity. Interlaced pattern of carving symbolizing immortality. 17. PALAORO: A pictorial monument with sandblast carving personalizes the hobby of the man being memorialized.
4. HALVOSA: Ledger type memorial 10. RUSSELL: A memorial style shell rock finish, popular many years ago. 18. SMITH: Vertical screen type memorial with the lamp of learning.
5. CALCAGNI: Colonnade memorial including hand carved angel. 11. DENTE: Bas-relief carving of an angel. 19. BILODEAU: A modern memorial covered with sandblast floral carving.


Valli, Hand carved roses symbolizing Love and Wisdom

12. TASSIE: Modern horizontal memorial combining both a polished and steeled finish 20. BETTINI: A personalized memorial in the form of a favortie chair of the person being memorialized.
Marzorati, Hand carved Easter lilies symbolizing Purity 13. Colonial Tablets: THis garden area features modernized designs of the old colonial tablets of 200 years ago. 21. CATTO: A modern memorial design.
Clark, Masi, Calla lillies symbolizing Sympathy, hand carved spring flowers 14. PALMISANO: Hand carved Pieta from the original Michelangelo. 22. NOURY: Pictorial memorial with personalized sandblast carving.
Fasola, Family name in script letters. Hand carved daffodil symbolizing Regard and Desire. 23. PEROJO: A fine example of hand carving with emphasis on delicate features of the human face.

Text and Map from "A Visitors Guide to Hope Cemetery" brochure from the Barre Granite Association.

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