About Heath Real Estate   

"Our rental units are owned and operated by us, of which we are very proud. If you are interested in a first class apartment, call us, we'll talk out loud."

If you're looking for a quality apartment at a reasonable price, one that you would be proud to go home to, then you are looking for us. All our apartments are in first class shape and we keep them that way. Before we rent to you, we go through each apartment to replace or repair all fixtures and appliances, every room gets a fresh coat of paint and all rugs are steam-cleaned. We believe you should have a clean sanitary place to live. Sorry, no pets are allowed in any of our apartments. Click on smiley faces and view our buildings then give us a call and we'd be happy to let you know what we have available. Oh, one other thing: you must have good credit and good references.

Herbert B. Heath Jr. & Tina Heath

What Heath Real Estate Offers
We are not just a Real Estate agent. We offer:
  • Real Estate (Barre Town, Barre City, Montpelier)
  • Apartment Rentals (Barre Town, Barre City, Montpelier)
  • Mini Storage Units (Barre City)