History of the Green Mount Cemetery

The thirty-five acres on which the Green Mount Cemetery is located, were bought in 1854. Of the purchase price of $2,210., $1,000.00 was donated by Calvin Keith, a Montpelier lawyer and $1,210.00 was put up by the town. In 1905, the Chapel-Vault building was erected from a generous bequest of John E. Hubbard. The Vault portion can hold up to 60 entombments and the chapel can accommodate 60 people for funeral services. Since this time, Green Mount Cemetery proudly exhibits many terraced lots, 2.5 miles of curved roads, and many pleasant shade trees and ornamental shrubs. There are many sculptured works which are memorials to the talents of our area's artisans both past and present.

Monuments of Interest at Green Mount Cemetery

Margaret Pitkin (Little Margaret)

Guided Tours

Map of Green Mount Cemetery

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