The Vermont State Fish Hatchery at Roxbury

The home of the one that got away.

(802) 485-7568
Route 12A in Roxbury
Visitors of the Roxbury Fish hatchery are invited to:

Residents of the hatchery include:

The Atlantic salmon, the ocean going version of the the Landlocked Salmon (Salmo salar) found in rivers. Atlantic salmon are known for their silvery sides, white bellies, black spotted back with a dark, forked tail.

The Brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), Vermont's only native stream dwelling trout. Brook trout can be identified by its square tale, worm like markings on it's top 1/3 of its body, the orange and yellow spots, and orange fins.

The Roxbury State Fish hatchery is responsible for stocking Brook Trout for the entire state, and Atlantic Salmon for the Connecticut River Restoration Program. The Brook trout are kept in the hatchery for 1.5 years before they are released, and can grow from between 6-12 inches. The salmon are just kept a month after hatching before moving to the Connecticut River.

Operation of the hatchery began in 1891, and for over 100 years the hatchery has remained relatively the same. The buildings and stocking ponds are the original ones built in 1891. Today, around 350,000 fish are raised in the hatchery per year.

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