Middlesex Town History

Native Abenakis first traveled through and settled parts of Middlesex hundreds of years ago, mostly along the banks of the Winooski River.

The first white settlers (Thomas Mead and his family) arrived around 1782. By the late 1800's the population had climbed to over 1,100 people.

The status of the preservation of community history in Middlesex can be best described as follows: The Middlesex Historical Society was begun in November of 1993.

Many longtime residents know something about their family history, old homes and property. However, many are unaware of who built the old homes in town, the locations of old schoolhouses and cemeteries, etc.

Many historic sites have fallen into disrepair, been destroyed, moved or altered over the years. Some sites, especially private homes, have been preserved by their owners. Years ago, the state surveyed the historic buildings in Middlesex and this information is available from the state Division of Historic Preservation. This information has not been used by Middlesex for any preservation or education programs. There are also various old maps and articles about the town available at the Vermont Historical Society's library in Montpelier. The town clerk carefully maintains town land records back to the late 1700's.

Much of the historic information in Town is oral history. Some of this oral history has been collected via cassette tapes, interviews, and booklets, but this information is currently kept by several different people and has not been copied or cataloged.

There is a desire among most town residents to learn more about the town's history and to appreciate being part of this special community. However, more education is needed.

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